About Charles J Nafie Design

Charles J. Nafie established his New York City firm in 1997 after completing his education at Harvard and spending several formative years in Boston with the renown firm, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott.  There he learned the methods and process which would catapult him to New York City. He and his firm has achieved great success, building on the foundations established years ago at Harvard and SBRA .

Mr. Nafie and his team collaborate extensively to design each project within the vision and personal tastes of the client. With an eye towards the highest level of design and craftsmanship, equal attention is placed on the execution and management of the project.  A well designed residence and commercial building must respond to the existing context as well as the budgets for both the architecture and interiors.

The firm places special emphasis on the rehabilitation and restoration of older and historic properties.  The firm’s staff remains sensitive to all existing features and has proven that the integration of old and new can be accomplished successfully.